Question: What Company Makes Silo TV?

Question: What Company Makes Silo TV?

Silo is a privately owned international corporation which is headquartered in Chatsworth, CA USA.

We are a consumer electronics manufacturer whose expanded line of value focuses on LED TVs targeting first and second- tier retailer and national distributor offering premier quality.

Who makes Onn TV brand?

Once a U.S. market leader, the Philips-owned Magnavox brand is now licensed by Funai Electric, which just extended the deal. The Japanese manufacturer also controls the U.S. licenses for the Emerson, Philips (see below), Sanyo, Sylvania, and Symphonic brand names.

Who makes TCL TV?

TCL Corporation. TCL Corporation (simplified Chinese: TCL集团; traditional Chinese: TCL集團; pinyin: TCL jí tuán) (originally an abbreviation for Telephone Communication Limited) is a Chinese multinational electronics company headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong Province.

What company makes element TVs?

Element Electronics boasts of being the only American-owned and American-assembled television company. Flashy red-white-and-blue packaging helps it do business with Walmart as part of the retailer’s quarter-trillion-dollar “Made in USA” initiative.

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