Question: Is Amazon Prime Free With Student Email?

One way to save money is by signing up for Amazon Prime Student, which anyone with a .

edu email address can do for four years or until graduation (whichever comes first.) After the 6-month free trial, it will cost either $6.49/month or $59/year up through graduation.8 Aug 2018

Is Amazon Prime free if you’re a student?

For online student shoppers, Amazon offers a free trial of Amazon Prime for six months. When the free trial ends, students will have to pay a fee of $49 per year, which is 50% off the cost of Prime membership. The student fee includes extra perks such as unlimited instant streaming of movies, TV shows and music.18 Aug 2015

Is Amazon Music free with Prime student?

Amazon Student gives college students access to free 2-day shipping and a variety of other Amazon-specific services at half the price of the company’s traditional Prime membership. Right now, Prime Student subscribers can save $7 per month on Prime Music Unlimited, the full-featured upgraded version of Prime Music.6 Aug 2019

Is Amazon Student same as prime?

Amazon Student, also known as Prime Student, is Amazon’s the college version of Amazon Prime. It costs $59 a year after a six-month free trial and has all the core benefits that Amazon Prime offers like two-day shipped, unlimited video and music streaming, and access to Twitch Prime for video games and Prime Reading.27 Jan 2019