Question: How Do You Set Your Default Address On Amazon?

Set the Default Shipping Address

  • Go to your General Shipping Settings.
  • Click Edit in the Default Shipping Address section.
  • Select your Default Shipping Address from the menu list.
  • Click Save.

What is the address for Amazon?

Contact information

Customer service:(888) 280-3321
Help page:Amazon contact and help page
E-mail:None or unknown, Inc. Customer service PO Box 81226 Seattle, WA 98108-1226

7 more rows

What is a default address?

In the context of data, a “default” anything (default address, default phone number, default means of communication, etc.) is the one to use if nothing else is specified (e.g., home address, work address, billing address, shipping address, care-of address, and so on).

How do I change my default address on Amazon UK?

To change your 1-Click settings:

  1. Go to Your 1-Click Preferences.
  2. Click Make default next to the address you want to make your 1-Click default address.
  3. Click Change next to the Nickname, Payment method or Shipping method options for that address if any changes are needed.

How do I change my default payment method on Amazon?

To change the default payment option, scroll down to the bottom of the Manage Payment Options page, and then tap the “1-Click Settings” link. You’ll see a list of all the addresses you’ve associated with your account, and each address has its own default payment method.