How Do Live Chats Work?

Live chat allows you to instantly communicate with your website visitors via instant messaging.

The chat simply appears within their browser window, and the website visitor can chat with an operator by typing into the live chat box.

What is a live chat session?

Live chat sessions provide business owners with a way to conduct client meetings, staff training or group activities without any of the parties needing to be in the same room or even the same country. Live chat sessions can also cut down on travel costs when you use them for sales or customer service meetings.

Why do you need live chat?

Live chat increases sales

Customers need someone when they are buying products online. This is why people prefer buying from websites having the live chat feature to get the answers to their questions quickly. The idea is to have live chat agents available 24/7 so you don’t lose sales and customers.

What is live chat customer service?

Email and phone give you the same contact opportunity. They both can be pretty fast, with phone allowing for real-time contact too. What’s unique about live chat is the fact that you not only get to talk with people on your website but you also see who is on your website.

Is live chat effective?

According to the report, 51% of customers prefer live chat for multitasking purposes, with another 21% preferring live chat so they can shop while they work. As technology makes things more and more convenient, what is convenient has become a large part of what drives us, as consumers and as people.