Quick Answer: Can You Ship Luggage Internationally?

Quick Answer: Can You Ship Luggage Internationally?

When shipping luggage internationally, your bags will need to clear Customs in the destination country.

Luggage Forward’s team of international shipping experts submits all of the country-specific documentation on your behalf and oversee the entire Customs process once your luggage is in transit.

What is the cheapest way to ship luggage internationally?

The easiest way to ship luggage

  • Print. We find you the cheapest possible shipping label.
  • Ship. Bring your luggage to any FedEx® or UPS® location before your trip – or pay for a doorstep pickup.
  • Chill. Head to the airport with just the essentials and enjoy traveling without the baggage.
  • Voilà

Is it cheaper to ship my luggage?

(CNN) — Luggage fees have some exasperated airline passengers wondering whether shipping bags would be cheaper than paying for them to fly on the same flight. Unless you have overweight or oversized luggage you’re planning to ship days in advance, the answer is usually no.

How do I send something internationally?

Important: When preparing your international mail, the most important consideration is the contents.

How to Send USPS International Mail

  1. Decide what USPS international delivery service you want.
  2. Consider your insurance needs.
  3. Complete, if any, customs forms you need.
  4. Get your free mailing supplies.

Can I ship my luggage through FedEx?

Ship your luggage ahead with FedEx for reliable, timely delivery. Take the stress out of your domestic traveling experience by letting FedEx handle your baggage. You’ll be free to enjoy your vacation or extended business travel without having to wait in lines.

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