Question: Can I Watch Amazon Prime UK Abroad?

Question: Can I Watch Amazon Prime UK Abroad?

Watching Videos While Traveling Abroad.

Eligible Prime members with Prime Video can stream selected Prime Originals titles while traveling outside their home country.

It is not available for other Prime titles, which can only be streamed or downloaded from within the United States and U.S.


Can you watch Amazon Prime outside the UK?

No matter where you are, you can still access the UK Amazon Prime Instant Video and watch your favourite UK-based TV shows and movies. There is no direct way of accessing the UK Prime videos from outside the country though. The only way you can access the UK Amazon Prime video library is by having a UK IP Address.

Which VPN works with Amazon Prime UK?

  • BEST VPN FOR AMAZON PRIME:ExpressVPN is our top choice.
  • BEST BUDGET VPN:NordVPN is a great value choice.
  • GREAT VALUE:CyberGhost is easy to use.
  • GREAT SPEED:PrivateVPN is a good family choice.
  • UNLIMITED CONNECTIONS:Surfshark lets you unblock Amazon Prime Video on as many devices as you want.

Can I use US Amazon Prime UK?

The most well known Amazon Prime membership is, however Amazon UK, among other Amazon regions have their own Prime membership as well. Just to reiterate, you will not receive any other Prime benefit. Even Prime music in the UK will not work with your Amazon Prime USA membership.

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