Question: Are Vizio TVs Any Good?

Vizio vs Sony

Unlike Sony, Vizio offers inexpensive entry-level TVs with good value.

Overall, Vizio TVs are very well-priced and have great picture quality.

They don’t have the high-end feel as some other brands, but they offer great value for the price.

What is the best Vizio TV to get?

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: VIZIO D-Series™ 70” Class 4K HDR Smart TV | D70-F3.
  • Best Budget: VIZIO SmartCast D-series 24” Class Full HD 1080p LED Smart TV.
  • Best For Home Theater: VIZIO SmartCast™ P-Series™ 65″ Ultra HD TV.
  • Best Value: VIZIO SmartCast™ M-Series™ 50″ Class Ultra HD TV.

Is vizio a reliable brand?

The statement also said that as “a leading HDTV brand in the U.S., Vizio takes product reliability and customer satisfaction seriously. Vizio’s mission is to deliver the best, most reliable products with the most relevant features at the best price for consumers, and we have been largely successful in that.”

Is Samsung or Vizio a better TV?

Vizio’s M series of TVs has eight units, ranging from 43 to 80 inches. Samsung offers more curved screen televisions than Vizio, although the jury is still out as to whether curved screens provide better performance. Winner: Samsung, because of slightly larger screen options and more options at each screen size.

Who makes Vizio brand TV?

While Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung and LG all make their own panels and assemble their own HDTVs, Vizio makes nothing. They buy LCD panels and parts from outside companies and relies on third-party factories, mainly those owned and operated by the Taiwanese company AmTran, to assemble these parts into TVs.